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    Camels at midnight. #fnlrom

    FNLROM - Season 4 Finale! 06 Dec 07 Dec Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6, Canada Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6, Canada FNLROM - Season 4 Finale! - 237 photos Sights: Classical Theatre Project www.classicaltheatreproject.ca Bronfman Hall & roaming See the Classical Theatre Project bring Shakespeare to life. "ShakesBeer" takes performance off the stage and into the crowd. Ian Keteku www.ianketeku.com GlassRoom Lounge Spoken word poet/artist/journalist. Explore the ROM: Galleries open 7-9:30 PM Arrive early! Stay late! See the museum in a whole new light! Sounds: The Beauties www.thebeauties.ca Currelly Gallery The beauties have been nominated for Best Band in Toronto by NOW Magazine. The band represents the darker and louder places where songs reside. UofT Jazz The Profs GlassRoom Lounge Dave Young,Terry Promane, Mike Murley, David Braid are just a few of Canada’s illustrious jazz musicians who are professors at UofT Jazz Music Program. UofT Music Jazz Program Teck Jazz Lounge See them perform eclectic and unconventional jazz. House DJs (curated by ElectriCITY Events) www.electriCITYevents.com Conor Cutz: Currelly Gallery Summer Fling: Bronfman Hall Hashtag: #fnlrom