Broadcast all photos on your event display

Stream live photos tagged on Twitter & Instagram during your events. Display on large screens a giant slideshow or a mosaic full of magical and memorable photos.

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How to display in real time all photos from Twitter and Instagram?

After more than tens of thousands of events on Sharypic, we know your expectations and your needs. But we also know that every event is unique!

A social wall to amplify interactions

Activating all your fans, guests or visitors has never been easier. On Sharypic, eveyrone is welcomed: from Twitter ✓ Instagram ✓ by email ✓ from mobile ✓ on the website

Reliable, resilient & real time

Photos are available in less than 10 seconds. In case the network goes down, our wall continues to display existing photos. Once the connection is back, it automatically refreshes content.

Your Twitter Wall at your brand

Decide the look & feel of your Twitter & Instagram Wall. You can contact us if you are looking for a white label solution, we can integrate your design.

Suitable for any kind of screens

Don't worry about the final screen size at your venue. Our PhotoWalls are flexible and will works on TV screens, projectors as well as Jumbotron.

Slideshow or Mosaic

You can display photos in a slide show mode to high-light each of the photos in big, or use the mosaic mode to give an overview of the show.

Plug & Play, even Chromecast ready

Our social wall only requires a screen and a computer with an Internet connection. Plug them, or use a Chromecast device and you are ready to stream all kind of social media to your screens.

Dashboard & Analytics

Would you like to find peaks of activity, discover most engaged users, or understand what content engage the most your guests? We can help you with that.

Everything can be managed

Use our Content Control Dashboard to keep control over your photostream and ensure the best experience for your event, your venue and your brand!

Get inspired by our client successes: See some use case

Our photowall in action

For festivals as well as sporting events, our PhotoWall is the perfect intermediate between your participants and all social networks.

You could be surprised how much attendees would love to see their picture on your Jumbotron, just one time! But if all pictures sent on Twitter or Instagram are displayed on the big screen?

A massive engagement for the pleasure of everyone.

Our event organizers got it, and they are coming back over the years:

Entertain all your attendees by adding a layer of social engagement to your event. Works for any kind of events: celebrations, conferences, corporate events, fairs, exhibitions...

Everyone can get the big picture of your event as seen on Twitter and Instagram. And more, they can participate from their mobile without installing a new app.

Interview of the Royal Ontario Museum

They trust us:

For a birthday party, a wedding and all kind of celebration, the PhotoWall will be perfect on your TV screen and motivates all your relatives to shares their photos of the event.

More than a live slideshow, all photos sent are kept online on your event gallery and will be available after to relive your event.

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