With PhotoWall, broadcast photos live at your event venue

Ever tried to collect, access and enjoy photos? Yeah it's long & painful. PhotoWall makes it fast, fun & easy ;-)

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Thousands of events and so many different uses

Create the perfect social animation for your event, your attendees, and you

Engage all participants

Streaming photos from Twitter and Instagram on a giant wall is the perfect animation to immerse all your fans within a unique and interactive experience. The best part, it's branded to your event or brand.

A new way to communicate

How to interact, understand, poll and segment your audience? A Twitter/Instagram wall is the perfect answer to capture and analyse all interactions of your community.

Highlight big moments

When social media goes on fire, it's time to cherry-pick (or sharypic) your photo stream and highlight key moments generated by the crowd. Use photography to light up the ambiance of your event.

Communicate your messages

A message to broadcast? Share it directly with your attendees. Our PhotoWall's limit is your own creativity, we advise you to use it as a bullhorn to spread the world.

Capture best moments forever

Do you want to remind a unique moment, highlight an idea, share a message, tell your point of view...? Photography is the best media to do so. The wall will collect & display all of that in real time.

A new space to reach audience

Maybe you should consider the social wall as a way to finance your events, a way to display your sponsor's logos or your brand. Displaying their logos and messages in front of a new audience is the utmost interest highest to them!

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