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Top 5 Events Of 2012


Top 5 Events Of 2012

2012 has been a great year for Sharypic. We have grown from strength to strength as word has spread all over the world about the fun and simplicity we bring to photo sharing at events. From the USA to Japan, our users span the globe, and we are truly thankful for your support!There have been some wonderful events on sharypic in 2012. Here is our list of the top 5:

  • PhotoWorks, a UK-based photography organisation, used sharypic to document the US elections. With the crawlers set to gather photos shared with the hashtag #election2012 over a couple of hours on election day, they collected thousands of photos providing a snapshot of how people experienced the elections.
  • The Royal Ontario Museum used sharypic during their Friday Night Live series, setting up PhotoWalls throughout the museum and encouraging visitors to share their experience through photography. People loved seeing their photos amongst the dinosaurs and exhibits, and the giant PhotoWall in the main hall proved a great success.
  • TED Global 2012 As the world becomes interconnected, the ways we relate and learn about one another (and the rules about what we share) are changing. That was the inspiration for TEDGlobal 2012: Radical Openness, and sharypic provided a way to capture the experience of attendees and share it with the world.
  • LeWeb Paris 2012 was brilliantly captured in all its technological glory on sharypic, with over 2800 photos from attendees. You can see photos from each day of the conference here
  • Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music Week has become one of the leading music festivals and educational conferences in Canada, featuring over 100 performances, this year. Sharypic was there to capture the audience’s experiences live, as audiences engaged with the PhotoWall whilst taking part in conferences and enjoying plenty of live music.

Here’s to another eventful year of photo sharing fun!