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Social Media Trends for the Event Industry: 5 Ideas that are Gaining Steam


The event industry, like many others, has benefitted greatly by the use of social media. While there are many ways to use social media, including Twitter and Facebook among others, here are five ideas to implement the next time you are planning, organizing, or attending an event. 

Live Tweeting


A growing number of people are beginning to realize the benefits of live tweeting, including the fact that their followers enjoy this.

During an event, such as a keynote address, attendees are sending out tweets touching on everything from the performance of the speaker to key takeaways and much more. Expect this trend to continue its growth throughout 2014.

Tip: if you are an event planner, encourage attendees to do this. It can only help from a marketing and branding perspective.  

Use a Photo Wall

While live tweeting is becoming more and more popular with each passing day, don’t overlook the benefits of using a photo wall at your next event. After all, people only want to stay current with text updates (such as tweets) for so long.

This gives you the ability to share photos from Twitter and Instagram with your audience. Can you imagine the engagement that will come along with real-time photo sharing? This is something everybody can get into.

Let’s face it: images are more engaging than text, you can try our photowall for free.

Advanced Marketing

An event is no good unless people know about it. For this reason, more and more organizers are using social media in advance to spread the word about an upcoming event.

Tip: start as far in advance as possible, ensuring that you reach the largest number of people possible (with a focus on those in your industry).  

Encourage Attendees to Use Social Media

Through the use of tools such as sharypic (among many others), attendees will be reminded that social media is the wave of the future. However, don’t be shy about encouraging this as often as possible.

For example, you could add “hashtags” to marketing material that is distributed at the event. This improves the chance of multiple attendees discussing the event, making note of the hashtag while doing so. 

Post Event Follow-up

When the event is all said and done and the room is clear, your job is not complete just yet. Now, it is time to take to social media to discuss the many aspects of the event.

You could use Facebook to post hundreds of images from the event. You could use Twitter to ask attendees to share their favorite memories.

Just because the event has come to an end doesn’t mean you should lay it to rest just yet. Use social media to keep the buzz going just a little bit longer.

Thanks in large part to social media, the event industry is changing for the better. No matter your involvement – from an organizer to an attendee to a speaker – don’t overlook the power of the five trends above. 

Author : Chris Bibey - image credits : Johan Lange