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How Photo Sharing can Enhance your Event


Are you looking for a way to enhance your next event? While there are many steps you can take to better accommodate and engage attendees, here is an idea to consider: photo sharing.

There are two things we know about people who attend professional events:

  • They are visual
  • They are more than willing to share their experience via social media, many times through the use of pictures

Now that you have a better understanding of the basics associated with photo sharing, let’s take a closer look at three of the biggest benefits:

Photos are the most engaging content on social media sites.

You want your attendees to share their experience online, right? While text based updates will always be popular, more and more people are having fun with images.

Not only do people enjoy sharing photos via social media, but these have a much better chance of being shared by others.

From the perspective of an event organizer, there is nothing better than the thought of a viral social media storm.

A variety of ways to leverage photo sharing to enhance the event.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the ways you can use photos to take your event experience to the next level. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • The use of a photo curation service such as Storify
  • Photo contest to increase engagement and give people a reason to share
  • Broadcast images live during the event, such as through the sharypic platform
  • Embed images on your blog or Facebook fan page
  • Live print photos with services like Instaprinter or sharypic

Fun, fun, and more fun.

Even though professional events give people an outlet for networking and learning more about an industry, the fact that people should be having fun cannot be overlooked.

Photo sharing is fun on many different levels. From taking pictures to sharing these online, you know that people are going to have a more enjoyable time when they are encouraged to share photos in a variety of ways.

Bonus tip: have you given any thought to renting a photo booth for your event? Talk about a great way to get people involved. There is something about the opportunity to jump inside a booth and act silly that really gets people excited.

It won’t take long for you to realize that a photo booth has soon turned into one of the biggest attractions at your event.

Experiment Now, Benefit Later

If all this sounds good to you, the only thing left is to input photo sharing into your event strategy. You may be unsure of what will work best and what will generate the most response, but that is part of the process. When you experiment with a variety of ideas, it will not be long before you have a better understanding of where to focus your time and effort down the road.

With photo sharing, you are giving attendees the chance to have more fun and share their experience with the world. It is your job to provide photo sharing opportunities. From there, you can leave it to everybody else to take the idea and run.  

Author: Chris Bibey