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Feature Update: Geolocation


By the end of a party it’s very likely that hashtags will not be your guests’ top priority. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on their photos! 

Sharypic is happy to announce that it is now possible to collect photos using geolocation. This means that you will never miss a photo taken at your event, even if guests do not use a hashtag with their image.

imageYou can find geotagged photos taken within a certain range of your venue. By choosing your own size of area, from 10m up to 1km, you can be as precise as you like!

Check out photos from the Grand Palais in Paris for a glipse into the Chanel fashion show and the Edward Hopper exhibition. We set the geolocation for 200m around the venue and collected Instagram photos from the 7th-18th October 2012.

Photos are collected in real-time during your event. You can also find photos if your event has already happened - it is possible to create a sharypic event retrospectively.

We’re busy working on other awesome new features, so stay tuned for further updates!