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Event of the Week: The Carnival of Venice 2013


Event of the Week: The Carnival of Venice 2013

Photo by @benjaaquila via Twitter.

Thousands of visitors come to Venice every year to experience the costumes, masks and music that makes the Carnival so special. The Carnival of Venice dates to at least the 15th Century, however it fell into decline after the city was seized by Napoleon in 1797, and was later abandoned when Mussolini banned the wearing of masks. It was revived in 1979, in an effort to reinstate the city’s traditions, and is today considered among the world’s finest festivals.
Masks have always been a main feature of the Venetian carnival and on the last weekend the best mask, “La Maschera più bella”, is decided by a panel of international costume and fashion designers. Have a look at some of the most beautiful masks in the world captured in the photos on sharypic, and get into carnival spirit!