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Congratulation to the newlyweds!


Congratulation to the newlyweds!

The Royal Wedding is over.
It’s now time for some information on how we handled this event here at sharypic. As you already know, our mission is to gather people around the pictures of an event. This could be live or after the event. The Royal Wedding was a perfect demonstration of what we want to achieve. There were thousands of photographers, millions even.

At the end of an event (wedding, party, trip…), everybody goes home with their own pics. Quite often, that’s it. How can you get the best pictures all in one place? Each participant is using its own service (Picasa, Flickr, Facebook…). To gather the photos, sometimes you even resort to creating another account for sharing. Often the pictures cannot be downloaded easily and are not available full size… Eventually, even if you manage to collect all the photos, the job is far from over! You end up with thousands of them. Filtering the great ones from the blurry ones, the ugly ones and the duplicates can be a daunting experience…

Sharypic is all about making this experience smooth and painless: we help gather people and pictures in one place by creating a unique gallery for all to enjoy. Back to the Royal Wedding: we aggregated a total close 20,000 unique pictures from many different sources (4176 distinct sources, mainly from Twitter with its Yfrog, TwitPic, Instagram, Plixi links). We at sharypic acted as the curators and we cherry-picked all the pictures down to the few most worthy of being shown: around 200 photos from 167 contributors.

As we work on our tool, you too, will be able to create your public or private galleries and collaborate on it with your friends and relatives.

It’s still early days for us (a beta version is coming in a few weeks) but this event was too big to miss and seemed like a perfect opportunity for a sneak-peek at sharypic.
We hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for the upcoming beta!

The sharypic team.