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sharypic at the Golden Blog Awards


sharypic recently partnered with the Golden Blog Awards to bring its services to their annual event that welcomed around 2000 people at the Hotel de Ville in Paris on November 16th.


Over the course of the evening, attendees tweeted hundreds of photos which were then summarily displayed over sharypic’s photowalls positioned throughout the event space.


We got a real thrill observing attendees interact with the photowall. Many events have offered live Twitter feeds, but photos are more impactful than cryptic Twitter statuses. Attendees were compelled to tweet more photos when they encountered our photowall, and thus promoted the event to their followers.

Looking at the numbers is really quite interesting. More than 200 people tweeted photos to their 200,000 followers (some had as many as 12,000 followers, and some as few 6; note that the average Twitter user as an average of 126 followers).  

And while Twitter is a very powerful tool, it has a shorter half life (the point where a post has received about half the clicks it will ever receive) than other social networks of just 2.8 hours. Combined with the fact that around 10% of tweets are seen by followers. Thus, the photos tweeted at the Golden Blog Awards were seen by a potential 20,000 people in just two hours. Those 20,000 people are involved and intereted in the people they’re following.  Not bad at all for a couple hundred people!

That short half-life, though, poses a potential problem to event organizers hoping to harness the power of Twitter. Posts to twitter can quickly lose their virality. To that end, organizers need a way to keep their attendees tweeting and engaged. The sharypic photowall is an amazing tool to accomplish that goal. Interaction is key, and sharypic helps by providing event organizers do just that: attendees aren’t just passively observing the photowall, but, rather, become actively engaged by it.  sharypic solves the problem with the short Twitter half by hosting the photos and offering attendees a unique place to visit after the event and to continue the conversation.image The photowall represents a call to action, and attendees respond to such suggestions. sharypic is helping event organizers - like the Golden Blog Awards - maintain their presense and visibitility on Twitter while offering attendees more value to the overall event experience and by providing a space where attendees can visit after the event has ended.

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