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Pulling off a great event is a lot of work.

Two of the challenges for event organizers are attendee engagement and increasing visibility.  After all the promotional work and logistical organization, the event is finally happening and the attendees are on the hunt for something to do.

sharypic brings event organizers a new tool - the sharypic photowall - to not only provide amusement to their guests but one more way to measure engagement as well as the raise the overall visibility of the event itself.

The sharypic photowall engages attendees and takes advantage of one of the web’s fastest growing social networking sites: Twitter is the fatest growing site for sending and sharing information. The average Twitter user now has 126 followers.  The potential for the network effect to come into play is really quite exciting. 

And with more individuals purchasing smart phones, the setting is prime for event organizers to take advantage of both these trends. Smart phones are estimated to take over mobile market by the end of this year, and nearly 400 million photos were taken on a cameraphone in 2010.  There are more than 1 billion tweets every week and 40% of those tweets are coming from mobile devices.

Even with all these numbers, it’s important keep things simple.  Using the photowall is not only easy for the organizer, it’s also easy for the attendee.  Attendees aren’t changing any of their habits and don’t need to download new software.  They snap photos with the cameraphone and tweet them to an assigned Twitter hashtag.  Within minutes, their photos are visible online at sharypic, onsite with the photowall for all attendees at the event to see - engaging other guests to participate - as well as to all the attendee’s Twitter followers which extends the event’s overall visibility. 

Evidence suggests that individuals attending an event with the sharypic photo wall are taking more photos and sharing those shots with their social networks via Twitter.  Our photowall was used at a recent quarterly event in Berlin.  It saw more than a two fold increase in photos being taken and shared versus the previous event just three months earlier.

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