Collect, broadcast and print your event's tweets, photos & videos on-site & online

Welcome to Sharypic, the place to be for your event's media. No matter your attendees we are able to seamlessly collect their photos, videos & text, live. By Doing so, we give you the power to repurpose any user generated content in an engaging & entertaining way for your audience.

A seamless experience to engage all your audience

Leverage the power of #hashtags to feed your stream with all photos, videos & tweets tagged on Twitter and Instagram. Your stream is also open to contributions by email so those who are not part of the social media game can share their story too. Everything works in realtime ; a content sent by any means will appear within your stream in less 10 secondes.

Entertain & Engage your attendees at the venue with a live vizualisation

We provide many vizualizations modes so you can reframe your live stream depending of the context :

  • Inspire your attendees to take & share more photos with our live slideshow.
  • Mix and match tweets, photos & videos in a giant grid for an impactful animation
  • Manage your Q&A with our tweet wall
  • Launch your products & services with our mysterious image which reveals tweet after tweet.

Propagate your live stream online

Our web widgets have been crafted to fit on any devise... desktop, tablet or mobile it just works :-) You can create as much as you need : cherry-pick only the best content to embed a high quality slideshow on your homepage, extract most shared content for your blog, use all your stream as a web gallery widget on your micro-site or facebook fanpage.

Curation & moderation made easy

We give you all the tools to craft your own stories quickly and safely. Use our Content Control Dashboard to ensure that your event's brand is consistent & maintened. Our Spam filtering solution let your automatically ignores content from spammers or including profanity keywords. On top of that you can refine your stream with smart collections by keywords, periods, geolocations or selected manually. Your smart collections can be broadcasted with our live vizualisation modes & widgets.

Your event, your design

Use our default sober & elegant designs to start broadcasting your media in secondes. Basic customization requires a few minutes to upload your own background, banners & custom slides. For a 100% custom branded experience, your web designer can include their own CSS, HTML & Javascript ; or we can work together to build something truly unique.

To infinity and beyond ­čśÄ

Started in 2011, we are just at the beginning of our journey. Along this path we have realeased API that let you use Sharypic in a programatic way ; built an #hashtag printer to help you gift memories that matters ; created a contest system to make your event buzz ; worked on an automatic engagement system to help you get in touch with your audience. So if you have a dream about photo/video sharing, contact us.

Bring Social Media on-stage and online

Like APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) engage your festival-goers by broadcasting their social media on-stage. It creates an experience more personal : attendee become a part of making the day more successful.

Print memories that matters

There are key moments in your life, one of them being your graduation. The York University used our #hashtag printer to keep this kind of epic memories as vivid as the big day, forever.

Engage your supporters

The Route du Rhum, long story short... colossal! Two weeks of live stream without any interruption. Everything was broadcasted on a 15 feets jumbotron, we collected content from 5 #hashtags, pulling more than 9000 photos, 13000 tweets & 100 videos.

Get noticed at a fair

Fairs are crowded of participants, but also of competitors. So we all use special tricks to get noticed. Like a Photo Contest to spread the word about your booth amongst all participants. That's exactly what Fitness boutique did at the Body fitness fair.

Gamify your product launch

Hide your coupon code in an image, choose a number of tweet to reveal the coupon and let your crowd claim the coupon code on social media to unleach this coupon : we garantuee you a torrent of user generated content.

Manage a Q & A at conferences

The Dizain conferences use our tweetwall to enable conversations between their live stage and their online audience.

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More than 18 000 events & the same dedicated customer support to make your event a success